Case Study: Retaining Wall Failure

Retaining Wall Failure
Lexington, KY

A Lexington, KY retail center’s failing Mechanically Stabilized Earth wall had not been constructed according to current MSE building standards, causing significant damage to the parking lots above it. CCE was hired as the lead professional to investigate the causes of the failure and design a solution.

After retaining the services of a regional geotechnical firm to analyze the wall for design improvements, CCE successfully removed the failing sections of the wall and replaced them with new sections that complied with MSE standards. In areas where site constraints would not allow for the construction of a new wall, CCE designed buttresses to prevent further failures. CCE also completed all local, state, and US Army Corps of Engineers permitting, including a state permit for low-water stream crossings. With the help of the geotechnical firm’s detailed analysis, CCE designed and implemented a permanent solution to the wall failure.