Case Study: Crossroads Regional Park

Crossroads Regional Park
Funstation Playground
Corinth, MS

CCE has been working with the Corinth/Alcorn County Parks and Recreation Department since 1998. Over the course of our working relationship, we have helped the Department secure over $400,000 in grant funding and assisted in 7 major renovation projects to their existing 29-acre park facility. These projects include:

  • A new park entrance and signage.
  • The renovation of the Jesse Bynu Baseball Field.
  • Construction of the Funstation Playground.
  • Renovations to the Leslie T. Horn Walking Trail.
  • Construction of the Benjamin Pierce Memorial Tennis Complex
  • Renovations to the park office

We continue to meet the growing needs of the community through a commercial master plan design for expanding the Crossroads Regional Park from the existing 29-acre facility to a 59-acre multi-use sports complex.